Adobe Premiere Pro (Professional

video editing tool), How to Use Premiere Pro full guide for beginners ? 

Premiere Pro Icon

Adobe premiere pro is widely use for Professional video editing.

Step-1:- you need to Download Adobe Premiere Pro on Adobe website.

link for adobe premiere pro download:-

Step-2:- After downloading install on your system 32-bits & 64-bits.

Step-3:- Now open the App.

  • in above photo you can add name as you want .
  • in browse you can give a path which place you want to save project.
  • in render section you must choose your graphics card or system GPU.
  • click on ok button.

Step-4:- you can see below type of window.

Brief information of premiere pro:-

1. This is menu bar.

2. This is adobe premiere pro editing bar. in this bar you can see learning, effect, color, audio, video and many more panels.

In this image:-

1.  Source Window:- in this part you can mark the video and drag from it to paste or drop in timeline window.

2.Program Window:- in this window you can show frames of videos and edit it.

3. Project Window:- Container of project files. in this window you can upload file and drag the file into this video and put in timeline.

4. Timeline or Sequence Window:- In this part you can everything as you need in videos like cut, edit, crop, delete etc.

5. Tool bar:- use for video selection, rolling, cutting, text, hand tool, roller tool etc.

Adobe premiere pro is widely use for Professional video editing.

so, I am prefer this tool you can use this tool for video editing.