Adobe Illustrator- Designing tool, beginners guide, logo, poster making.

  • Adobe illustrator is very useful application for draw a design, logo, posters and many more.

  • Adobe illustrator app is best and first choice for designers to make logos, designs and posters.

  • The industry-standard vector graphics software lets you create everything from web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging and billboards. And now, experience the freedom and flexibility of Illustrator across desktop and iPad.

Drawings. Logos. Type. All perfectly scalable.

Turn shapes and colors into logos and icons. Create typography, draw freehand and trace and recolor graphics. Illustrator is vector-based, so your artwork stays crisp even when you scale it up to stadium size.

Intelligent features to speed your process

Now Illustrator can auto-extract colours from an image or colour palette and apply them to your design.

Type enhancements

You can align text vertically to the top, middle or bottom of a frame. Also, you can set the font size based on letterform characteristics like the x-height.

Smart glyph snapping

Now it’s easier to position text and other objects precisely. Snap to key points like the baseline and the x-height.

Natural drawing, by design.

Draw crisp lines and smooth curves naturally with Apple Pencil and then precisely edit your paths to perfection. Plus, make your colors pop with gradients and create beautiful patterns with a simple tap, point or touch.

Basic guides of adobe illustrator:-

1. adobe illustrator is very popular designing tool. 

2. let's see some features of Adobe Illustrator.

3. opening screen of illustrator.

4. Artboards types

5. Click on create button and see below image.

6. Click on new files and see a artboard screen like this.

7. Menu Bar, Toolbar, Artboard, Tool properties menu.


             1. Menubar
             2. Tool properties menu
             3. Artboard
             4. Tool bar
             5. Tool properties menu

8. Let's Enjoy the design.

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