how to be successful in life? | Secrets Of Sucess | Safalta | Daki Pradip Podcast | what is Success?

 how to achieve success in life? | Secrets Of Sucess | Safalta | Daki Pradip Podcast

#success #motivation #safalta In this video, I am talking about what is success? How to Achieve success? The Secrets of success. How do you define success in life? What is a better word for success? What is considered a success? How can I achieve success? -There are 8 very simple rules that you can follow to become truly successful. 1. Be Passionate. And do what you for love. 2. Work Hard. Don't ever fool yourself—success comes from really hard work. 3. Be Good. And by that, I mean damn good. 4. Focus. 5. Push the Limits. 6. Serve. 7. Create Ideas. 8. Be Persistent. "Best books for success" 1. rich dad poor dad: 2. Think and grow rich: 3. Bhagavad Gita: "FREE! FREE! FREE!" Use My Podcast RSS FEED Free:- Listen to Our Podcast On Google Podcast:- Spotify Anchor Amazon Music:-'s-podcast Breaker RadioPublic #podcast #ankahisibaatein #it'sPDshow Podcast gear ever mentioned:- - Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser Microphone with 20ft Audio Cable (Black): - AmazonBasics 50-Inch Lightweight Tripod with Bag: - Fifine K669B Metal USB Microphone: - Fifine T669 Condenser USB Microphone Kit with Adjustable Scissor Arm Stand Shock Mount: - Tygot Lightweight & Portable Portable 7 Feet (84 Inch) Long Tripod Stand with Adjustable Mobile Clip Holder: - Blue Yeti USB Microphone: - Rode Podcaster USB Broadcast Microphone: - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 2x2 USB Audio Interface (3rd Generation): - Shure SM58S Vocal Microphone (with On/Off Switch): - Rode RODECaster Pro Integrated Podcast Production Studio:
My Goals Achievement Podcasts Topics:- 1. Documentary 2. Business Tips 3. Book reviews 4. How-To Videos 5. Short stories 6. History 7. Personal finance 8. Narrative podcast 9. Inspirational podcast 10. Lifehacks 11. Guided workouts 12. Collab with podcasters 13. Celebrity interviews 14. Mystery theme "THE SHOW MUST GO ON" The podcast is the best way to provide information and connect with the audience & people. We are providing Podcast, Poetry, and Current Affairs content. Our Emotion Is Our Strength. Wish for good luck. Speaker, Writer Daki Pradip (It's PD Show) Follow Us:- Facebook:- Instagram:-
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